Real Estate and Technology

Real Estate — admin @ 4:04 pm

The search engines are always trying to create relevancy and relevancy comes at a price. Google is always playing with new ways to enhance their search engine and a few of the latest ideas are wrapped around the new product, still in beta, Google plus one. Many of you are familiar with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but do you know that Plus One will be similar to Facebook and will roll out features that are similar to LinkedIN and Twitter, and of course some new cool things that Google has thought up.

What does this mean to you as a realtor. It means "another" social media site to manage and integrate and one that you might not want to take lightly. Technology has changed our lives in so many ways and some not really for the good. Technology can eat up a lot of time and in some cases doesn’t really help us to build relationships. We may connect, but do we build something that is long term and stable.

The real estate market is tough right now and agents are always looking for the new edge on the competition. If you have fully embraced social media you will have an edge, since most agents are too busy to manage their social media campaigns. The problem with that is social media is where the boom is and many are missing out on opportunities. A good website like is also a must if you are a real estate agent. You can put all this time and energy into your marketing and then drive people to a crappy website, only to lose the lead and therefore the sale. There is a lot out there for agents to keep up with, but don’t forget to stay on top of your social media and your website. It will pay off in the end.